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eCommerce insight powered by digital returns

realize profit potential and increase retention

Do you struggle with profit margins as a result of returns? Congratulations – you have a huge potential uplift in profits and retention possible.

By combining cutting edge machine learning analytics with our deep knowledge of logistics, customer behaviour and digital returns solutions, we provide you and your customers a ground breaking service realising your hidden profit potential whilst greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Your success of tomorrow is underpinned with managing customer retention today. Our services give you new real-time insight into sales trends and return factors impacting your profit, with easy to use tools designed to help you realise the potential of your retained customers.

easycom – the eCommerce partner

The team at easycom have extensive knowledge in the eCommerce, retail and logistics sector, with the founders alone having a combined 40+ years of experience developing their expertise in the global retail market space. The wider team is comprised of data scientists, software experts – both in house and partner based, and successful business leaders from a rich and varied background.

Our approach is to deliver cutting edge insight and drive value inside your business with our harmony of market leading systems coupled with a can-do culture and humanity you’ll love to engage with.

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Peter Hietala

Peter Hietala

CEO & Passionate to service

Founder with 25+ years experience of distribution, logistics and eCommerce

Markus Nordlund

Markus Nordlund

COO & Passionate to fulfil

15+ years of experience in logistics, eCommerce and digital solutions.

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