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What does it cost?

Our pricing model is value-based and tailored to your specific circumstances.

The starting costs cover the project and integrations costs that are required for us to set up our service.

Monthly subscription fees and transactions depend on chosen modules, functions and solution complexity.

We adjust payment models to meet the needs of both mid-sized as well as complex global organisations.

Get in touch and we will tell you all about our payment model and how we can help you achieve a more profitable and sustainable type of e-commerce.

About Easycom

Profitability and sustainability within e-commerce are necessary for long-term survival in an ever-increasingly tough international market. Handling a return order is two or three times more costly than handling a sales order.

A holistic perspective, along with new tools that function across different systems and areas of responsibility are required in order to manage a shop that drives new buying patterns and opportunities.

Easycom was developed as a result of early insight into how the post-purchase process affects profitability for retailers. The drastic increase in returns, along with its negative effects, combined with international competition in retail, was the trigger for our launch.

The team behind Easycom combine in-depth knowledge and experience from e-commerce, retail, logistics and digitalising projects. This experience, in turn, is based on holding both operational and leading positions on the customer-, transport- and supplier-side. As a result, we provide services that allow profitability to be optimised throughout the entire customer journey — from purchase to satisfied customer.