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Together with our valuable partners, we create new opportunities for our customers — both in the digital and physical space. Collectively, we simplify your everyday and ensure that you are at the forefront when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Your Voyado can be used for all communication with the customer in the returns process and beyond. With the help of this collaboration, your brand experience is optimised throughout the customer journey.

A partner with a unique experience when it comes to change management and digital transformations in retail and reverse logistics. If you need help with your transformation journey within returns, we have experienced change leaders and project managers with an in-depth understanding of just that.

Millbyte´s logistics platform Alyson enables a fully integrated returns process that seamlessly cooperates with both warehouse and logistics functions.

Centra, as a platform, offers you the unique experience to quickly connect to our returns service. Many customers and years of optimisation have given us a fully automated return and exchange process.

The complete integration with Eseco combines our strengths with Easycom’s services in the best way. Automated repayment and optimised returns management.

Rule offers a finished integration where a set of predefined email templates can be used to create the best brand experience for your customer during the returns process.

Using BeX as a business system enables you to get the most possible value out of your returns process. Returns, exchanges and repayments are fully integratet.

A Microsoft Navision/Business Center partner with advanced integration with Easycom that supports returns, exchanges, stock impact, repayment and accounting — all fully automated.

Easycom is fully integrated with Ongoing WMS, combining the benefits of Easycom’s returns management with Ongoing’s strength in storage processes.

A digital agency that specialises in high performance and scalability. By combining our smart digital reverse logistics with Easycom’s platform, we are able to collaboratively create the best possible customer experience.

A modern, digital transformation partner helping established organizations become digitally enabled to help you better serve your customers and thrive in the future.

Transform disruptions in your supply chain into opportunities with smarter business networks that use AI and blockchain capabilities.

Helping B2C- and B2B-customers accelerate growth and improve the customer experience by delivering groundbreaking business solutions, strategy and optimisation.


Easycom’s services enable full integration and automation of costly manual reverse logisitics. We have in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to integrating our modules into different system landscapes and will help you on your way to reaching maximum effectiveness. It might be that we already have a connection to your specific system.

Our approach is based on listening to your buying patterns. This, combined with our algorithms, unlocks a unique business insight that exists independently of organisational and system silos. On top of our own user interface, our modern APIs give you access to business-critical information about your systems, including ERP, OMS, PIM, CRM, eCOM and WMS.