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Key profitability insights

Optimize your profitability by marketing the right products to the right customers.

We provide you with the right insights for profitable sales.

Every individual customer and product should be handled separately in order to maximise profitability and the customer experience while also minimising negative environmental impact. By having full control of customer behavior, we can embark on a journey towards a society with fewer returns, for real.

Profitability Reports


Receive reports on your most profitable products and customers based on:

• Return rate
• Operational and logistical costs
• Return policy on the local market


Customized marketing



Exclude your least profitable customers from price campaigns. nstead, optimize profitability by highlighting your most profitable products to your most profitable customers.

It’s a win-win.




Influence customer behavior

Don’t block customers based on their return rate. A customer with a high return rate can still be profitable.

To make a real change, segment out the customer group with less profitable behavior and have the opportunity to communicate and guide them towards making better sustainable decisions in the future. Set rules for this customer group, such as no free returns or limited free returns. Impose penaltie charges for damaged packaging, missing labels, used garments, etc.





Identify deviations

Set an unlimited number of reason codes to be as specific as possible in determining the cause of returns. Quickly identify products that deviate in return rates and proactively work to address this.

For example: A customer discovers a product with a 40% return rate, they can see in the reason code that “Did not match the image” was the cause. The customer took new photos of the product and quickly saw that the return rate dropped by over 50%.



We gained new profitaility KPI:s with Easycom that we now follow!

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Integration Partners

Easycom’s return platform integrates with your existing systems and works the same way regardless of partners.