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Who are Stellar Equipment?

Stellar Equipment was launched in 2015 with the vision to create the world’s best outdoor products for mountain activities. Their biggest markets are the Alpine region, Scandinavia, and North America, and they now sell in a total of 42 markets. They produce technical outdoor clothing that they sell exclusively online, directly to customers, and in their showroom in Åre.

”With help of the exchange feature we have seen increased NPS scores and been given a natural way of guiding our customers to the right product for the purpose. Results: higher re-conversion and lower return rates.”
-Ted Bergner, Stellar Equipment


Stellar’s exchange process was an administrative burden both internally for customer service but also for their end customer. They found that customers were hesitant to place a new order for the item they wanted to exchange until they saw the money refunded to their account. It took too long from when the return was handled and returned to the warehouse before they could send out a new item.

“Before we implemented Easycom, the exchange process was administratively heavy both internally for our customer service and for our consumers. We lost business in many cases due to the long lead time.” – Ted Bergner


To address this challenge, in March 2020, Stellar Equipment began its collaboration with Easycom and implemented a new smart digital return management solution. Stellar experienced the biggest challenge with cumbersome return procedures for export markets, where customers became frustrated with the difficulty and time it took to make a return.

“We came across Easycom after analyzing the available solutions in the market that met our needs, and we were impressed by Easycom’s background and expertise in operational logistics.” – Ted.


In 2020, the work on clear and defined iterations that deliver both business and customer value was initiated. going live in June 2020. Easycom, together with Navipro and Centra, maintained close dialogue for a smooth onboarding.

“The implementation went very smoothly as Easycom, together with our ERP partner Navipro, had close dialogue. The target was clear, and the implementation was done in a smooth way that aesthetically and functionally fit perfectly into our existing set-up operationally and technically!”
- Ted Bergner, CTO Stellar Equipment


The implemented iterations at Stellar have been successful and delivered positive results to their business. They have increased their NPS score (customer satisfaction) and have also increased their repurchases to over 20% via the exchange function.

“What we struggled with the most were the complicated return processes for export markets, where customers were frustrated with the difficulty and time it took to make a return. It has become much smoother now, and we haven’t heard any complaints from customers in the export markets. Additionally, the internal administration has significantly reduced for both customer service and the warehouse.” – Ted Bergner