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Who are Nordic Nest?

Nordic Nest is an interior design store with over 20,000 design items from more than 200 brands. Since 2021, Nordic Nest has been a part of BHG Group, which includes the Svenssons brand, allowing the company to offer a wider range of furniture and access to five showrooms.

“With the help of Easycom, we now have completely different possibilities to collect and understand the reasons behind a return or complaint. For example, we were able to identify an item with a 40% return rate where the image did not correspond well with the product. We took new photos, and the return rate significantly decreased” decreased.”

-Sofia Heinebäck, Nordic Nest


One of the biggest challenges for Nordic Nest was dealing with the many manual processes required to handle returns and complaints. All cases, both returns and complaints, required some form of manual handling. involving manually printing new labels and return forms. In addition, a large percentage of customer service inquiries were about returns and return cases.

“Just a few years ago, return management relied heavily on physical delivery notes and a manual matching process,” said Sofia Heinebäck, Head of Customer Care.


After a major warehouse move in 2020, they decided to implement a return management system. After evaluating several different solutions, Nordic Nest selected Easycom as the software partner.

“We had a clear vision of what we were looking for, evaluated several different options, and chose Easycom. The discussions with Easycom never felt forced or sales-focused. We chose Easycom because of their technical solution and our shared values: a focus on core business and delivering added value to the customer,” said Johan Torudd, Operations Developer Lead.


The agreement between Nordic Nest and Easycom was signed in the summer of 2020, and the new return platform was launched later that fall. The project was carried out in collaboration between Easycom and Nordic Nest, with internal resources from Nordic Nest involved, both with business knowledge and technical expertise. A tight integration with the customer service system Freshdesk was an important component to ensure immediate benefit for both the company internally and their customers.

“We went live during Black Week, perhaps not the best timing, but thanks to a well-thought-out implementation phase, it went really well. We focused on our largest markets and gradually expanded to other markets, carriers, and internal functions,” Johan explained.

“We have eliminated a significant portion of our previous manual activities, which has contributed to a 50% reduction in processing times in our return and complaint handling process.”
- Johan Torudd, Nordic Nest


The implementation of Easycom’s return platform has been a huge success. Easycom and Nordic Nest have gradually developed their partnership since 2020 and continue to add new features to the service. In addition to halving the lead times, Nordic Nest reports saving 7,000 working hours per year!

“The best thing about Easycom as a partner is that they understand ideas and processes, can provide constructive criticism, and come up with improvement suggestions and actions. It’s evident that we are working towards the same goal! We are very satisfied with our collaboration!” – Johan