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Returns/h managed without Easycom

Returns/h managed with Easycom

Who are Kids Brand Store?

Since the start in 2011, the company decided to focus exclusively on clothing for children and teenagers. The company offers a wide range of products and numerous customized brands. Indeed, they have everything needed for a complete wardrobe for your child or teenager.

“We were drawn to Easycom because they were truly passionate and knowledgeable about returns. It’s evident that they are dedicated to solving the management of the entire return journey. It was truly inspiring!”

-Joakim Häll, Head of Customer Service, Kids Brand Store


Kids Brand Store realized the needed to streamline their return management process. Previously, the company had to manually create returns and go through multiple steps to complete the process. At that time, it required approximately 15 clicks across different programs to complete a return. Additionally, there was concern about the lengthy time it took for customers to receive their refunds, as the company was unaware of the exact number and nature of returns that could be expected. The long and time-consuming manual handling was the company’s biggest challenge.

“We were impressed by Easycom’s expertise and passion for solving the entire return journey. It was truly inspiring to see their dedication and enthusiasm for return management” – Joakim Häll


In 2019, Kids Brand Store initiated their collaboration with Easycom and began implementing a new, intelligent digital return management system. After evaluating several different solutions, Nordic Nest selected Easycom as the software partner.

The vision was clear, and the workflow was highly logical. The implementation was carried out quickly and efficiently. “It felt like we were up and running quickly.” – Joakim Häll


The project was carried out in collaboration with Navipro, and the implementation went according to plan, staying within the set timeframe.

“I would highly recommend Easycom as a return platform, regardless of the challenges you may have. They have ready-made solutions for all conceivable issues in return management: deviation handling, communication with the consumer throughout the return journey, exchanges within the return process, return hubs—indeed, all the solutions you can think of are available to implement You will find profitability!”

-Joakim Häll, Head of Customer Service, Kids Brand Store


Control. Now Kids Brand Store has full control over incoming returns. They know what is in the packages and have reduced the manual process for incoming returns by approximately 13 clicks. From 15 clicks to 2.

It is incredibly time-saving, and by being able to leave notes in the system, the risk of human error is minimized. We also receive Trustpilot reviews stating “Smooth returns,” “Fast returns and quick refunds” on a regular basis.

We are very satisfied and look forward to adding more features to our Easycom solution!