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Learn how Stadium halved their return costs.


Handling costs


Lead times



“It has been a gamechanger for us. Easycoms system has more than halved the handilng times for our returns”

-Peter Carlsson, Stadium


The company’s online sales generate approximately 1.8 million customer orders per year, with around 2.5 items per order and a return rate of 25%. This gives Stadium around 450,000 customer returns to handle each year. In addition the long handling times of those returns also introduced a customer satisfaction impact, with a lead time of around 2-3 weeks.


Easycom began its collaboration with Stadium in 2020 and implemented a new smart digital return management system. At the time Stadium lacked control and follow-up of returns, and in addition to high handling costs there were also administratively heavy and costly processes for refunds to be considered. The return management entailed a cost of approximately SEK 25 million per year (around $23.5M USD at current exchange rates). After evaluating several solutions, Stadium selected Easycom as their software partner.


In September 2020, the work on clear and well-defined iterations that deliver both business and customer value was initiated.

-Process design and blueprint.
-Customer journey, Parcel pick-up point, Return station, Finance, Customer service.
-Solution architecture and integration

A first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on the digital customer journey was launched in March 2021.
Subsequent iterations have focused on automatic refunds and optimizing work at the return station.

“So far, we have almost halved our costs and lead times, which is a very good result for both us and our customers. We have full control over both active and passive returns, but also what is returned and why. This way, customers get faster service and full insight into the entire return process!”

- Andreas Ericson, Stadium


The iterations implemented for Stadium have resulted in extremely positive results. Stadium now has full control and follow-up on:

Active och passive returns

What has been returned and why

Who is returning